Evaluating WordPress Hosting Companies

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We have been hosting a WordPress website for the past year at Register.com.  The  site is running on Register’s Essential Web Hosting package (Unix) and the storing the data in Register’s MySQL database service which is also included in the Essential package.   While the package is capable of running WordPress, the speed in which site delivers ours content is very slow.  Here’s the result of a recent Pingdom speed test against the site:

Website Speed Test - From Pingdom

As you can see, the site is slow and we need to improve the performance so visitors won’t become frustrated waiting for the site to load. Starting today, we are looking at the following dedicated WordPress hosting providers who provide full service for WordPress including software configuration, caching, updating the WordPress software and intrusion detection features:

  1. WP Engine
  2. Flywheel
  3. WordPress.com
  4. Page.ly

One thing we have already noticed in our initial findings is that the WordPress hosting companies cost about 300% higher per month then our current hosting at Register.com.  While this isn’t the final factor in making our decision, it is an important one. As an alternative, we are also considering hosting our WordPress site on Amazon’s AWS.  A negative with this approach is if we go with Amazon we would still be responsible for updating the server and the WordPress software.  However, Amazon might be able to provide a better server then Register.com does and at a price that is less then the dedicated WordPress hosting companies. Another considerations we have is whether we can use a custom WordPress theme on our site.  We have been using a custom theme from Pagelines.com called DMS.  After initial review of WordPress.com’s hosting, it appears that custom or third party themes are not be supported so WordPress.com may already be off the list. Once I finish evaluating the hosting companies, I will post the results here so others can leverage this information.